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Frédéric Filloux spiega alcune cose importanti su come dovrebbero funzionare le scuole di giornalismo oggi per avere un senso:

  1. Production skills. Scripting, staging a story are now key elements in modern journalistic storytelling. It is about designing mockups, showing how the story will unfold, finding the best viewer interactions, the type of media that will be more appropriate at what time, etc. I say this to my students at Sciences Po: train yourself on PowerPoint; it can be a great tool to pre-design rich multimedia stories or even to complete a simple but clever one for a blog. Many easy-to-use tools dedicated for multimedia productions such as SoundSlides are also helpful.
  2. Dealing with complexity, handling datasets, from public statistics to GIS. These are key instruments to spread knowledge in an increasingly visual society. Pr. Hans Rowling’s video with its mind-blowing use of statistics on global development has been viewed about 200.000 times. His talent was mainly to convert sets of complex stats into an attractive format, using a program (Gapminder), that is now available as a widget on Google Apps.
  3. Enroll pure technologies competences. Journalists need to learn how to deal with techies. Cross-pollination between the two is crucial.
  4. Encourage nerdy tendencies among students or rookies journalists. In doing so, they will dramatically increase their employability.
  5. Teach them how to sell their work, skills, passion. This ranges from setting pro-like blogs to — yes — creating their own tiny company, the commercial vehicle for rising above the crowd and monetizing their work.

E naturalmente cita il multimedia team del NYT, i veri pionieri del giornalismo multimediale degli utlimi anni.

Peccato che in Italia gli esami d’accesso alle scuole di giornalismo si facciano ancora con la vecchia macchina da scrivere; e che i corsi offerti non abbiano niente a che fare con il multimedia storytelling e il digital publishing.


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