Social Media Editor

Per chi ancora crede che Facebook sia un passatempo da narcisi annoiati, il NYT ha appena istituito un social media editor: Jennifer Preston.

Ecco la nota di servizio interna (via Nieman Lab) che informa i colleghi della sua nomina. Vi si legge tra l’altro:

“Think of Twitter. Did you know that The New York Times is No. 2 on the Top 100 Twitterholics based on Followers? (Behind Ashton Kutcher but ahead of Ellen DeGeneres.) Don’t care? OK, but the point is that an awful lot of people are finding our work not by coming to our homepage or looking at our newspaper but through alerts and recommendations from their friends and colleagues. So we ought to learn how to reach those people effectively and serve them well. At the same time, more of us are using social networks to find sources, contacts and information”.

Capito? Nessuno va più a leggere la tua home page. La gente sta nei social network. Lì vanno intercettati. Lì vanno distribuiti i contenuti.


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